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        ABOUT US

         Foshan Shunde Songsu Building Materials Industry Co.,Ltd,as a large professional plastic building materials factory,is a collection of research development,production and sales.Our company is located in the Pearl River Delta area---Leliu town,Shunde district,Foshan city.With the advantage of having twenty thousand square meters of large manufacturing base and more than 10 full sets of advanced production lines,we specialize in various kinds of PVC extrusion products,including PVC cable trunking,PVC electrical pipe,PVC drainage pipe,PVC drainage pipe,PVC accessories and metal box,so on.Our Annual production is nearly twenty thousand tons.Upholding philosophy of "integrity-based,customer first",Songsu has been constantly pursuited for making outstanding contribution to national development and social prosperity.

         To adapt to the development,Songsu Company will accelerate the pace of innovation and strengthen regular management,meamwhile,Songsu give full play to explore the market and seek development opportunities in the field of green building materials to achieve win-win situation.Songsu will be built as a most attractive modern enterprise Company.

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        Add: Fulv 1st Industrial Area, Leliu, Shunde Dist., Foshan, Guangdong, China

        Tel: 86-757-25632663Fax: 86-757-25638638

        Email: export@songsuchina.comZip code: 528308


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